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❶The short-lived Confederate States of America adopted a six-year term for their president and vice-president and barred the president from seeking re-election.


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In May , the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5–4 in U.S. Term Limits, Inc. v. Thornton, U.S. (), that states cannot impose term limits upon their federal Representatives or Senators. In the elections, part of the Republican platform included legislation for term limits in Congress.

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U.S. Term Limits main mission is to coordinate grassroots supporters to demand an Article V term limits convention application from their state legislators. We exist to impose term limits at all levels of government but mostly on the U.S. Congress.

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In the elections of , for instance, part of the Republican platform was to pass legislation setting term limits in Congress. After winning the majority they brought a constitutional amendment to the House floor that would have limited members of the Senate to two six . Watch video · The idea of term limits tends to get better reception on the right, so it's worth pointing out that Republicans control the legislatures in 32 states. 3. One word: Lobbyists.

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In , for example, Congressman Reid Ribble (R-WI) introduced an amendment that would have imposed term limits. It failed to advance. It failed to advance. A Constitutional amendment is a tall order. We managed to get term limits for the presidency. There might be hope for Congress yet. A bipartisan group of freshman lawmakers — “all 50 years old or younger,” as The Hill reported — are on board. The group, which includes Wisconsin Republican Mike Gallagher and California Democrat Ro Khanna, supports “limiting senators to two terms and representatives to six terms, for a total of 12 years each.